Need Legal Advice in Fort McMurray? Turn to McMurray Law Office

Commercial Real Estate

Representing developers, landlords, financial institutions, and businessmen in commercial development, zoning, and land use planning, we oversee matters including:

  • Purchase and Sale of Commercial Properties
  • Preparation of Mortgages
  • Preparation and Review of Agreements for Sale, Mortgages, Leases and Options to Purchase and Sell
  • Subdivisions and Condominiums

Residential Real Estate

Representing landlords, financial institutions, and people in residential development, zoning, and land use planning, we oversee matters including:

  • Purchase and Sale of Residential Properties
  • Preparation of Mortgages
  • Preparation and Review of Agreements for Sale, Mortgages, Leases and Options to Purchase and Sell
  • Foreclosures
  • Condominiums

Criminal Law

McMurray Law Office is ready to serve clients charged with offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Traffic Safety Act. Our lawyers practicing in this area offer representation at all levels of Court.


If you require an independent third party to assist you in resolving an outstanding issue with another person, we have training in the area of mediation. A mediator does not provide legal advice, nor do they tell you what you should do. The primary role of a mediator is to assist you and the other party in reaching a solution that is acceptable to both of you without the cost and delay of attending in court.

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Prepared to litigate in both the Provincial Court of Alberta and the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta as required by our clients we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in all types of matters and disputes, including:

  • Corporate and Commercial Litigation
  • Contractual Disputes

Adoption & Child Welfare

McMurray Law Office provides legal advice to people who wish to adopt children or place their child for adoption. Our firm also deals with child welfare in several matters, including:

  • Applications for Guardianship
  • Permanent and Temporary Guardianship Hearings
  • Supervision Orders


Our firm provides assistance in preparing wills, personal directives, and powers of attorney.


Our firm provides assistance in offering advice with respect to estate planning and the distribution of your property in the event of your death. Your estate includes:

  • Real Estate
  • Vehicles and Personal Effects
  • Cash
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Insurance Policies
  • Pension Benefits

Corporate and Commercial Law

If your business needs help resolving a matter pertaining to corporate or commercial law, our litigation department is skilled and trained in handling all commercial and corporate civil matters for our corporate clients. We also provide advice for the following:

  • Development of a Business
  • Maintaining Corporate Status
  • Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures
  • Financing and Purchasing
  • Sale of a Business, including Commercial Contracts, Security Agreements, Promissory Notes, Bills Of Sale and Franchises

Family Law

When it comes to matters involving family law, our role is to advise our clients what their legal rights are. We provide advice for the following:

  • Division of Property
  • Payment of Spousal Support and Child Support
  • Child Custody and Access
  • Restraining Orders
  • Divorce and Separation Proceedings
  • Independent Legal Advice for Separation Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements and Minutes of Settlement

Notary Public

Whether you’re looking to have documents certified, are buying or selling property or are dealing with court actions outside Alberta and require documents signed in the presence of a Notary Public, we can help! Our office is particularly valuable if you need a United States of America-registered Notary Public, as Mr. Allan Vinni has such registration in the U.S.A. We can assist with all Notary Public needs, including:

  • Transferring Property
  • Out-of-Country Travel Consents for Minors or Invitation Letters
  • Court Documents from Outside Alberta
  • Making Certified Copies of Your Original Documents
  • Statutory Declarations, Affidavits and All Other Notary Requests
  • Legal Advice on a Non-Retainer Basis, such as Personal Guarantees, Security Agreements or Powers Of Attorney Documents


Have a tax dispute with the Canada Revenue Agency? Because taxation problems shouldn’t be taken lightly, our team can help you resolve it. We’ve also worked with companies requiring corporate tax planning services.

Financial & Investment Advice

It’s never too early to begin financial planning for your future. Whether you need tips for budgeting or help with your estate, investment or retirement planning, we’re here to help give you peace of mind. Financial planning helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself, or if you don’t already have some goals in mind, it can help you create them. Contact McMurray Law Office today to schedule an initial consultation.